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    Hello Everyone,
    I have done all the configuations and the same solutions which have already mentioned in the question” charts do not show up” , but I can’t get anything on my dashboard.
    The following things are 100% correctly to set:
    1.Replace by the privilege of tomcat’s execution to the permission of graph folder
    2. Make sure that ‘WEB-INF/classes/monad.properties’ exists at WAR deployed path.
    3. Check the contents of file – ‘monad.properties’. This file contains the connection information of mongodb that are used in mongobird.
    4.The mongo.host and mongo.port are also correct.
    5. If I want the MongoBird shows the results about the database names ‘newdb’, how could I do that? Maybe chance the value in the file monad.properties like this?


    Kind regards


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    Sorry for the late reply.
    First, make sure that you can connect mongoDB used in mongobird.
    The mongoDB to be used in mongobird is for storing mongoDB’s state to be monitored.
    You have to add a mongoDB instance information for monitoring in mongobird. After adding mongoDB instance information, mongobird can show a chart data correctly.

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    howto store mongoDB’s state to be monitored.

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