mongobird change logs title 2

Version 2.5.0 released date 12-20-2013

New Features :
– Added the function to register multi-condition event.

Bug Fixed :
– Modified to display tooltip about instance type icon on upper right.
– Modified the license input error message.
– Modified to be correctly changed the contents in event list box according to the locale of user browser.
– Fixed the problem that can’t be displayed the event log list after the confirmed event window is closed in all type searching mode.

Changes :
– Replaced the percent unit for connection event threshold with the count unit.
– Rearranged the menu and page layout.

Version 2.4.1 released date 11-12-2013

Patches :
– Remove bind_ip option in the install shell script of mongodb.
– Improved error message in the install shell script.
– Improved graphs on all graph menus display the same layout.

Bug Fixed:
– Fixed an error that disappear version information on the login screen.
– Modified a title image of pop-up notification.
– Fixed an error that screen layout of the graph is broken.
– Fixed an error that displayed an 404 page in the top banner area when network is not connected on the Internet.
– Fixed an error that do not check the exit or running status of instance when registered the address of instance using domain name or host name.
– Fixed an error that screen layout of the graph is broken due to the differences of the fonts installed in the OS.

Version 2.4.0 released date 10-19-2013

Patches :
– Improve menu layout and label to support more intuitively understanding and easy access.
– Support multi-level menu.
– Change term ‘daemon’ to ‘instance’.
– Integrate a graph menu with the instance type and group.

Bug Fixed:
– Add exception handling for the faults case which it can’t retrieve the sharding information.

Version 2.3.9 released data 09-13-2013

New Features:
– Add option of ability to be able to use the loopback( or localhost) in IP address of mongos in ‘Auto detecting’ of ‘Deamon Info’.
– Add ability of register license.
– Add ability of non-advertisement in commercial version except academic.
– Add feature of version display in right-bottom screen.

Patches :
– Improved layout screen in ‘Auto detecting’  of  ‘Daemon Info’ .

Changes :
– Replace with the term of ‘Storage’ from ‘Hard’.

Version 2.3.8 released date 07-04-2013

New Features:
Supports MongoDB 2.4.
Supports Internet Explorer 10.
Add a banner section.

Patches :
Patched broken screen layout in Explorer 9.
– modified hidden drop menu.
– modified broken dashboard.
– modified broken pie chart.
– modified broken event graphs.
Fixed an error that icon does not appear in the center.

Changes :
Solution name changed from ‘Monad’ to ‘mongobird’.
Event name changed from ‘Danger’ to ‘Critical’.

Version 2.3.7 released data 04-23-2013

Patch : Improved management server no-response dhtml notification popup
Add alert message “Management server abnormality”
Changed alert popup window to dhtml notification popup
Previous version: To close alert window, it needs to click confirm button.
Present version: dhtml notification popup should be update per 10 seconds at the lowest column of web page and disappeared automatically.
Improvement of the notification: In previous version, it needs to close every alert windows each other. However, in present version it will be disappeared automatically after 10 seconds.

Version 2.3.6 released date 04-12-2013

Patch : Change basic registration event type at daemon registration.
Add DB file size
Delete “Resident memory” and “DB data size”
Change basic registration event type according as important weigh.
Patch : Add error message function when register daemon
Add dividing function as server non-response and authentication error.
It makes clearly divide message at two error event occurs.
Patch : Modify DB detailed information list.
Add capacity of DB data, DB storage, DB index and DB file.

Version 2.3.5 released date 04-08-2013

Defect : Fixed daemon detailed pi graph.
Fixed pi graph color (displayed white).
Defect : Fixed server memory insufficiency.
Fixed memory error when server displays “out of memory” it does not show anything.
Defect : Fixed daemon register error.
This patch fixed follow case: As register secondary daemon with authentication mode replica set, it can’t register.
Patch : Improved database display UI in Sharding information page.
Add paging function about “DB” and “Collection List”
This function prevent long scroll which has lot of DB and collections.
Patch : Improved progress Icon UI
In case of moving scroll, it makes progress icon keep center position and move.
Patch : Improved dashboard daemon list UI
This function make keep resize of daemon list.
Patch : Add items when failure event mail and call shell script.
Add daemon IP and Port.

Version 2.3.4 released date 03-06-2013

Feature : Add daemon auto-detecting function
After detect sharding daemon list by using mongos, select detected daemons and listing.
This function provide to user convenience for sharding daemon number has a lots.
Feature : Add modify at once function for daemon information
You can modify at once to memory and disk capacity of selected daemon.
Feature : Add make larger function for DB distribution rate.
This function display pop-up window to see DB distribution rate with click the magnifying glass button.
Defect : Fixed Event error
Fixed wrong display of critical value at event occurs.
Fixed critical value does not applied at changed value.
Defect : Fixed Daemon authentication
Fixed error what listing daemon which does not authenticated.
Patch : Improvement of daemon detailed UI
Improved daemon detailed graph area to be folded.
As folded status is set to the default, it makes page loading speed high.

Version 2.3.3 released date 02-13-2013

Feature : Added select box by type in detailed graph and DB-specific lock graph
Feature : Added delete function for management DB log
Feature : Added system information display for customer support reference
Feature : Added display functions for server has no response
Defect : Fix the DB list display for Daemon
Defect : Fix pre-registered daemon display to initialized status after service re-start
Patch : If any database information of mongos do not display when shard has shut down, display the message

Version 2.3.2 released date 01-21-2013

Feature : Added daemon authentication function (only for registered version)
Feature : Added identification messages for notification mail.
Feature : Added user shell script for SMS.
Feature : Added function to change daemon group name.
Defect : Fixed a problem recognized an alive mongos as a dead daemon.
Defect : Fixed error not to display the locks graph although clicked a daemon on daemon information page.
Patch : Modified the time format to 24 hours’ time format for the failure event notification mail.
Patch : Added validation check for daemon registration.

Version 2.3.1 released date 12-07-2012

Patch : Keep the range period for date slider after choosing the ‘now’ button in the graphs.
Patch : Display current version and build date on the bottom of the ‘Settings’ page.
Defect : Fix the problem getting big, unexplained jumps in the graphs after blank periods.
Defect : Fix the misspelling of the some text on Settings page.
Defect : The sum of all shards percent value is less than 100.
Defect : The period of main top 4 graph isn’t consistent with ‘Period of Dashboard Graph’ of Settings.
Feature : Add a radio buttons to the sharding information page for the auto refreshing.

Version 2.3.0 released date 11-23-2012

Defect : Fix the faults about does not display daemon detailed information of mongos.
Defect : Fix the faults about zero stored collections from DB detailed information of mongos.
Defect : Fix the faults about vanishing email address when change mongo version on settings menu.
Feature : Added radio button for select between “difference” and “accumulation” graph on Dashboard DB-layered popup window.
Feature : Added balancer status icon upper right side of screen for monitoring of the load of sharding..
Feature : Added a page that displays the sharding information.
Shards information
Databases information
Collections information
Chunks information
Feature : Sharding status graph for monitoring how many chunks are on each shard.

Version 2.2.1 released date 11-14-2012

Remove useless attributes in properties
Fix wrong value of date slider picker when changed date by calendar date picker in graph menu.
Fix wrong first-time and last-time record of the event.
Fix wrong sub menu image of DB Graph and Lock Graph.
Add configurable attribute in properties to reload Dashboard for IE8 “Not responding”
Remove useless attributes in properties

Version 2.2.0 released date 11-07-2012

Support MongoDB v2.2
New added “Lock Graph” Menu
Daemon-specific Lock Graph
DB-specific Lock Graph
Lock Graph by types
Group-specific Lock Graph
New Added “DB Graph” Menu
Support Daemon-specific information for MongoDB v2.2
Set option for switch function about MongoDB v2.0 and MongoDB v2.2
Improvement of Graph
Feature of date selection using slider control.
Support time-scaling function : 10 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour.
Support Graph function : Accumulate Graph, Different Graph
Graph for Daemon detailed information
New added Graph function
Network In/Out Graph
Global Read/Write Graph
Lock Read/Write Graph
DB & Index Graph
Improvement of Dashboard
Added “Locks Sum” Graph
Global Lock Read/Write summary
DB Locks Read/Write summary
Improvement of Event
Support “Global Lock Read/Write” alert
Support “DB Locks Read/Write” alert
Converting Tool for previous version
Provide data converting tool for new version for user who using previous version (2.0.1)