register license title

If you have purchased a commercial version of mongobird, please register licence of mongobird as following.

Please click the red area at the top of the login screen to register a license of mongobird.
register mongobird 01
After step 1, you can see a license window as below figure. Please enter the license key received by email when you purchased. If you lost your license key, you can find license key at ‘Find license‘.
register mongobird 02
The below figure is a error screen that appears when you enter an invalid license key. Error messages are as follows.

    • License key is required.
    • License key is invalid.
    • Cannot connect server.
    • A mongobird returned error information for requests.
register mongobird 02


If the license key is registered correctly, it indicates that it is a commercial version with license key you entered as shown in the figure below.
register mongobird 04
The display method of mongobird is different depending on the version of the commercial and non-commercial version as following figure.
Non-Commercial Version :
register mongobird 05
Commercial Version :
register mongobird 06
* Academic version appears a advertisement in top.