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    how can i add remote hosts to the mongobird. I have 3 mongo instances on 3 different boxes. how can i manage those instances

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    The cases of register fail when you register MongoDB’s daemons through mongos using ‘Auto detecting’ of ‘Daemon Info’.

    If you search for MongoDB’s daemons through mongos, a mongobird must find their using hostname only, not IP address, because a daemon’s information that stored in mongos consists of a host name instead of an IP address. If you are not registered host name of MongoDB in DNS, you cannot register MongoDB’s daemon to mongobird because cannot find an IP address of host name.

    Pre-check list
    1. Check whether a port of MongoDB that you want to register is open.
    2. Check whether valid binding Ethernet card, using bind_ip option of MongoDB, when you use multiple network adapter.

    You can choose one of the following two solutions.

    Solution #1
    Register hostname of MongoDB in your DNS.

    Solution #2
    Edit hosts file on the computer that mongobird is installed, as following example.

    Restart mongobird.

    Thanks for your attention.

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